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Mental Health Awareness Month

3rd Annual Mental Health Humor's Cartoon-A-Thon with Cartoons drawn by Chato B Stewart






Mental Health Hero's








Who am I?


The best way I can do this is by showing you "My Recovery Story". This is the 1st place 2009 DBSA "Facing Us" Video Contest. I use my cartoons to help tell my story.


You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psVBapia0yU


March 15, 2010


Welcome to the annual Mental Health Humor Project's Cartoon-A-Thon fund raiser. This is a grass roots project to promote a simple idea. To use humor as a healthy coping skill toward recovery. 

Since I'm not paid nor charge for doing the project, I have to rely on the finical gifts of others.  Two years ago, I started doing my Cartoon-A-thon for mental health awareness month.  Last year was the first year we tried to raise money with it.  We had $398.00 donated.  That money went to developing that workshop along with paying for part of the web site.  My Cartoon-A-Thon site had over 100,000 unique visits last year. My Mental Health humor blog had over 300,000...People connect with the humor, it's honest, not degrading but on point and sometimes funny. The idea is to get people thinking about mental health and open lines of communication about serious and sometimes difficult topics.

Not to mention, even helping to established a new DBSA chapter here in Port Charlotte.

I would like to ask to help me in share this positive, yet some times funny message about Mental Health. I know the cartoons has helped my fellow peers. This is such a unique way to do reach people and has open so many door world wide.
Be come a Featured Sponsor for Mental Health Awareness Month now and support.

Thank You,
Chato B Stewart

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From the 2009 information Page: The purpose of the Cartoon-A-Thon is to use humor and laughter as positive tools in dealing with emotional disturbances which effect many people and families due to mental Illness. As a consumer and an amateur cartoonist, Chato B. Stewart has been drawing cartoons to help thousands find a smile. Over the past year he has Volunteered his time and talent drawing cartoons to help in educating others about mental disorders. The Blog, Mental Health Humor went online May 14th, 2007. Since then, it has won many awards and much acclaim from fellow bloggers. The blog has been visited by 96,087 unique people and has explored and looked at 374,807 time also called "page views". Living in recovery, while maintaining balance for Bipolar Disorder, he used drawing cartoons as a coping skill. Drawing cartoons about Depression, Bipolar, and other mood disorders for what he calls a consumers point of view. Chato embraces prevention, resiliency, and recovery for children, adults, and families living with mental illnesses and their caregivers. The Mental Health Humor cartoons have appeared on many websites and blogs. Many Mental Health Newsletters publish the cartoons. From Florida, to California, up in Canada and all the way down under in Australia, the cartoons are giving giggles to peers far and wide. Now he is volunteering his pen and paper for every day of Mental Health Month to DRAW one Cartoon for each day in May. Please show your support by making a pledge to help us reach our goal. We can't do it with out you.